crossfit 2022 calendar

A breakdown of the 2022 CrossFit season

As a young sport, CrossFit is ever-changing and ever evolving.

So each year slight changes in the season’s format are to be expected and with them come their individual pros and cons.

So what’s new this season and what has changed?

Well… compared to the “extreme” changes we’ve seen in previous seasons, this year’s modifications seem almost insignificant, but we still can’t overlook them so easily.

CrossFit 2022 calendar

crossfit 2022 dates

The CrossFit Open 2022

February 24 – March 14

The Open will maintain last year’s format with just 3 weeks of competition.

A change highly appreciated by box owners as well as most athletes especially those looking to move forward in the season.

After all, it’s undoubtable that 5 weeks take their toll on the body and the 3 week switch seems to be the better option for all groups of athletes from beginners to elite.

Quarterfinals (Individuals, Teams and Age Groups)

March 24 – April 24

Quarterfinals start just 1 week after the end of the Open just as in 2021. The novelty is that now Age Groups will also have to go through Quarterfinals whereas before they directly gained access to the “Age Group Qualifiers”.

Semifinals (Individuals and Teams) — In-person

Week 1: May 20 – 22
Week 2: May 27 – 29
Week 3: June 3 – 5
Week 4: June 10 – 12

Semifinals (Age Groups) — Online

Age group (Divisions 14-15, 16-17, 35-39, 40-44, and 45-49): May 26-29
Age group (Divisions 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, and 65+): June 2-5
Adaptive: June 2-5

The “Age Group Qualifiers” as previously mentioned have now been split up in two phases: the Quarterfinals and Semifinal qualifiers.

This 2 step process definitely allows to test a bigger crowd of athletes but will probably also put a bigger dent into the athletes pockets as they will now have to pay for 2 separate competitions.

Last Chance Qualifier

June 29 – July 1

Last chance qualifiers have proven to be probably the toughest event where to earn a ticket to the Games so we are interested in seeing how they play out this year.

CrossFit Games 2022

August 4 – 7

It is at the Games stage that the other major modification has been made: we will discuss this further in the next section of this article.

Important changes

The major changes have been implemented after the first Open phase.

Age groups

Their 2 step qualifying process made up of Open + AG Online Qualifiers has now become a 3 step process that sees the qualifiers broken up in two event the Quarterfinals first and then Semifinals ultimately allowing a higher number of athletes to test themselves in the Quarterfinal events.


Similarly the qualification process has been changed for this competitive category but it will stay a 2 step process made up of Open + Semifinals

CrossFit Games

THE MAJOR change for all elite athletes will be the switch back to 4 days of competition at Games.

The format was changed back in 2018, the year the Games transferred to Madison.

The event will start on Thursday, August 4 and end on Sunday, August 7. This means that throughout these 4 days there will be a lot more action going on as previously Age Groups and Adaptives would have a full day of competition under their belt before the Elite categories would kick off their own 1st day of competition.

We’ll see if this move proves to be useful to CFHQ in terms of timeline organization as well as from the spectator’s point of view.

Fans, now more than ever, will have to choose between which category to watch at any given time due to the amount of events that will be going on simultaneously.

We still are missing a few major details regarding the 2022 season including the year’s rulebook and which competitions will step in as the official SemiFinal event organizers.

But so far being able to plan out in more detail the season, especially compared to previous years, is something we believe will be greatly appreciated by athletes, coaches and the community.

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