2024 CrossFit Games

crossfit games 2024 texas

The CrossFit Games, an annual competition in which athletes from all over the world contend for the title “Fittest on Earth”.

This event is owned and organized by CrossFit LLC (CrossFit HQ) and marks the final phase of competition for the CrossFit season.

Dates: August 8-11, 2024
Location: Fort Worth, Texas USA
More Information: 
Leaderboard: Official
Website – https://games.crossfit.com/ 
Instagram – @crossfitgames

2024 crossfit games info

Event Schedule


Where to watch the CrossFit Games

Watch the competition events LIVE via Youtube or on the official CrossFit Games website.

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The Progrm Athletes to Watch Out For



  • C23 CrossFit The Progrm Motion: Axel Lundgren, Ella Wunger, Antonia Falt and Harrison Bell

How Does the Competition Work?


Athletes are awarded points for each event based on a points table. Better performance equates to more points and at the end of the competition, the athletes with the most points in their category win the competition.


Cuts to the field of athletes are unknown at the moment.


The athletes in each category will earn cash prizes in addition to the title “Fittest on Earth”. This year the total prize purse is $2.945 million, a $17,000 increase from last year.

Individual Athletes
First place: $315,000
Second place: $125,000
Third place: $85,000
Fourth Place: $60,000
Fifth Through Eighth Place: $45,000, $40,000, $35,000 and $32,000, respectively
Ninth Through 20th Place: $29,000, $26,000, $20,000, $18,000, $15,000, $14,000, $13,000, $12,000, $11,000, $10,000, $9,000 and $8,000, respectively
21st Through 40th Place: $7,000, $6,750, $6,500, $6,250, $6,000, $5,750, $5,500, $5,250, $5,000, $4,750, $4,500, $4,250, $4,000, $3,750, $3,500, $3,250, $3,000, $2,750, $2,500, $2,250, respectively

Additionally, cash prizes will be awarded to athletes who make the podium in each competition event: 

Individual Events Wins
First place: $3,000
Second place: $2,000
Third place: $1,000