corona virus quarantine

21 things to help you stay on track during the COVID19 quarantine

With the spread of COVID19 most countries around the world put into effect a strict quarantine to prevent the exponential increase of cases therefore providing release to the over-saturated health care systems. It is our duty and civic responsibility to follow the restrictions put upon us. Nevertheless we shouldn’t allow these stressful and uncertain times to have the best of us. With this article we want to share with you 21 things you can do keep you mentally and physically healthy during this quarantine. These “small” actions will also help you stay productive allowing you to, in the words of head coach John Singleton, turn this situation to your advantage.

  1. Make your bed: small tasks that will give more structure to your day will help you feel more productive
  2.  Write out a checklist (of things to do and at what time): planning your day ahead of time can help create a sense of purpose and restore your drive.
  3. Get dressed: many people who regularly work from home know that staying in your pajamas all day may sound great, until it’s not. Getting dressed for the day will help you mentally shift into “work mode”
  4.  Go outside: this is valid only within the limitations of your country and IF you aren’t sick!! Breathing fresh air and being outdoors even if just for 15 minutes can help relieve stress and make us feel more alert.
  5. Make breakfast: get creative, try something new or more time consuming than your usual go to. Can’t say you don’t have the time.
  6. Stretch and mobilize: mobility work is often overlooked due to a busy schedule, make this the time you change that.
  7. Pick up a book.. or a podcast: no better time than now right? Share your personal pick on Instagram and tag us
  8. Journal: in stressful times getting out our thoughts in writing can be extremely helpful even if you’re not one to usually keep a journal
  9. Get off your butt: whether you’re working from home or just going all in on a movie marathon chances are you are sitting a lot. Make it a point to set an alarm for every hour or so to remind you to just get up and walk around the house for a couple minutes. Your body will thank you for it.
  10. Brew up some coffee: or, actually, any drink will work. Being in the house all day can make us easily fall in the constant snacking trap. Caffeine is an appetite suppressant, and really any drink will help you feel full and distract you from those snacks in the kitchen cupboard.
  11. Look up to others: when we feel uninspired it can help to look for the motivation we need in others who are also facing our struggles. This is why we have scheduled multiple Instagram stories takeovers with our elite athletes. To learn more on how they lead their life under quarantine just follow us on our Instagram account.
  12. Get cleaning: unfortunately, we don’t mean lifting this time around. It’s been proven that being surrounded by a messy and unorganized space makes us less productive. So no excuses and get that vacuum cleaner out
  13. Make something: this can be both a mentally soothing process as well as entertaining. And you can turn it into a very useful activity as well. Look up any DIY project that might spark your interest, and keep an eye out for our upcoming article on DIY home gym equipment.
  14. Fire up the stove: now is the time to get creative in the kitchen. Our recommendation for trying new recipes? For every 3 healthy or “macro friendly” recipes you make try one more indulgent one. 2020 is the year we learn to make braided cinnamon buns guys!
  15. Sweat it out: just because you don’t have access to a gym doesn’t mean you can’t get a good workout in. Plus we can all do with some extra endorphins atm. Sign up to our newsletter to receive daily workouts from our quarantine specific programs: the At Home Progrm and the Running Progrm.
  16. Set up a support system: if you feel unmotivated, lonely or lost make sure to reach out to friends and family for support. Here’s a couple examples..
  17. Get a training accountability partner: call up your usual gym buddy and set up an accountability plan. Let them know when you plan to train each day and how. Have them share the same info with you and when the time comes text each other to check that you’re both following up on your plans.
  18. Group-calls are your new best friends, literally: there are a multitude of platforms that support group video calls such as Skype, Zoom, FaceTime and even Instagram. Just pick one and catch up with your friends.
  19. Have a quarantine movie party: Netflix allows you to sync your account to your friends’ accounts. You can all start the same movie together and send in comments in real time. Set a date and time with them and have yourself a separate but apart movie party.
  20.  Go to bed early: your body will thank you for the extra recovery after months of hard work and not enough sleep (most athletes don’t get close to the hours of sleep required for them). Plus waking up later than you’re used to will throw you off your routine and spiral into more negative consequences.
  21. Give back: it’s easy to feel helpless right now. We’re here to remind you that we can all help out in our own way. We can all be our own heroes. Here’s a list of thing that you can do to help out your community:
    -be a blood donor: health care systems need it now more than ever. Check with your national blood donation centers on how quarantine restrictions apply.
    -donate to your local hospital: hospitals are becoming the battlefield of our fight against COVID19. Even the smallest amount can help win this together.
    -help higher risk individuals: not everyone can assault the market to stock up on toilet paper and flour. Elderly people, the immunocompromised and the disabled face much higher risks when exposed to the virus. With the help of volunteers many organizations are offering grocery shopping services to those who aren’t as fortunate as us to have healthy and strong bodies. We always talk about how Crossfit allows us all this freedom NOW is the time to put these benefits to use. A quick online research and you too can sign up to help those in need.