The Progrm Weekly #5

At the end of January we witnessed some of the fittest athletes on earth gather to London to compete at SiD. The male side of the competition was dominated by some big names, with Games veterans battling it out to earn the coveted games ticket. Matt Fraser once again showcased his dominance over the field taking first place. On the female side instead, we witnessed something different: not one of the girls standing on the podium was older than 23. These women represent the generation of athletes who started training Crossfit in their teens. The rise of the younger generation is a phenomenon that the sport has yet to fully witness given it’s relatively short history.
As we have many younger athletes following our programming we wanted to embrace this occasion to address the #YoungGrasshoppers of the Crossfit world and drop some knowledge/tips on how to best prepare to have a successful time in the sport.

  • Build your foundation: solid roots are what makes a tree strong and resilient. The same can be said for athletes. Having proper control of your body and how it moves through space will make learning any new skill easier. Good stability paired with adequate mobility will translate into smooth movement patterns. Achieving good balance between muscle groups can ensure a less injury prone body. We could go on long enough to write a book, but we’re sure you’ve grasped the concept. Spend time building baseline strength, adequate mobility and good movement patterns and soon enough your hard work and patience will transfer into the more complex and exciting aspects of the sport. You can actually read an entire article we wrote dedicated to this topic right here👇.


  • Create a support system: being a young athlete has it’s own set of peculiar challenges. From balancing school and training to being able to prioritize your sessions over hanging out with friends. Things can get hard, real quick🙈. That’s why we find it’s important to build a good support system around you: make sure your friends and family understand what and why you are doing what you’re doing. Explaining why you choose to make certain sacrifices will make everyone around you more inclined to support you when things get tough and motivation is low.


  • Enjoy the process: we can’t stress this enough. Anyone looking to compete, regardless of age, should hear this. If you want to do well in sport you can’t opt out of the sacrifices it demands. That’s why you need to truly love the daily grind. It can be a hard truth for some to accept: the fact that if you want to do well you need to enjoy what many define as a monotonous, rigorous or boring lifestyle. You shouldn’t feel like someone is forcing you to go to the gym or choose the healthier meal options, these are choices you should be making because they’re what makes you happy. Especially if you’re a young athlete with so many years in the sport to look towards to.

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