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CrossFit: A Beginner’s Guide

A brief history and general FAQ for all the CrossFit-related questions that you’re too afraid…

ByByReika MorganSeptember 14, 2021


To the lament of fitness professionals everywhere, using apps for exercise seems to be a…

ByByReika MorganAugust 31, 2021

Kettlebell snatch and clean & jerk

Ah! the beloved kettlebell that awkward piece of equipment coaches love to program and athletes…

ByByAlexandra RadiniAugust 24, 2021

Murph: Hero WOD

Being that CrossFit first rose to popularity within the military and police communities, it has…

ByByReika MorganAugust 18, 2021

The importance of rest days in CrossFit

If there’s a word to describe CrossFit, it’s addictive. An estimated 4 million people are…

ByByReika MorganAugust 12, 2021

Shoulder Mobility for CrossFitters

Shoulders have it tough in the world of CrossFit. Constant pushing, pulling, holding, and rotating,…

ByByReika MorganAugust 3, 2021


The best tips from our Nutritionist.

What Games athletes eat

Making it to the biggest competition in the sport requires lots of discipline and dedication.…

ByByAlexandra RadiniJuly 23, 2021

Best supplements in CrossFit

For a long time, supplement companies have made bank on the idea that consistently using…

ByByReika MorganJuly 9, 2021

What to eat before you workout?

Nutrition is a topic we always get lots of questions about. Undoubtedly how you fuel…

ByByAlexandra RadiniJune 19, 2021

Best supplements for CrossFitters

Crossfit, like any other sport, has become a huge marketplace for supplement companies to sell…

ByByAlexandra RadiniFebruary 6, 2021

CrossFit Nutrition: What you need to know

With so many elements to consider when putting together your nutrition plan to support your…

ByByJohn SingletonDecember 24, 2020

How to improve performance with nutrition

As is often said in the world of fitness, muscles are made in the kitchen.…

ByByJohn SingletonSeptember 23, 2020

Our Athletes

Meet our CrossFit athletes

Who is Jacqueline Dahlstrom?

Jacqueline Dahlstrom is a profesional CrossFit Athlete who has been following The Progrm since June…

ByByJohn SingletonMay 21, 2021

Ella Wunger CrossFit Athlete

Ella Wunger is a Swedish professional CrossFit Athlete who joined The Progrm in 2018. Age:…

ByByJohn SingletonMarch 4, 2021

Erica Ekelund CrossFit Athlete

Erica Ekelund is a Swedish professional CrossFit Athlete who joined The Progrm in 2019. Age:…

ByByJohn SingletonMarch 1, 2021

Who is Rebecka Vitesson?

Rebecka Vitesson is a professional CrossFit Athlete that joined The Progrm in 2016. Age: 26Nationality:…

ByByJohn SingletonMay 28, 2020

Who is Julie Hougård Nielsen?

Julie Hougård Nielsen is the current Danish CrossFit National Champion and joined The Progrm in…

ByByJohn SingletonMay 19, 2020

Kristof Horvath CrossFit Athlete

Kristof Horvath is a Hungarian professional CrossFit Athlete who joined The Progrm in 2019. Age:…

ByByJohn SingletonMay 10, 2020