Each piece this week starts with a 1 km Row, at 3 different tempos: First 250m – aim = Quickest pace Second 500m – aim READ MORE


King Kong: 1 Deadlift 205/145kg 2 RMU / C2B 3 Squat cleans 115/80kg 4 HSPU / Push-ups   For time: 1 round of King Kong* READ MORE

The World of SMR

Self myofascial release (SMR)   What is it? Although the term is a bit ambiguous it is used as a technical term for self massage. READ MORE

The Progrm Deload

“Deload” is a term we use when reducing training volume and or intensity. Everyone will deload in some way, shape or form as it is READ MORE


The World of PreHab

This subject follows on from a discussion we were having on the ABC’s of Osteopathy a few weeks back because people wanted to delve deeper READ MORE

exercise bikes

Going Globo

I haven’t got a ‘CrossFit’ gym to train in, what do I do!? There is one obvious answer – walk into your nearest ‘globo’ gym READ MORE