CrossFit Open 21.1

open crossfit 21.1

The Open is here and the first workout has just been released.

What is the CrossFit Open 21.1?

For time:
1 wall walk
10 double-unders
3 wall walks
30 double-unders
6 wall walks
60 double-unders
9 wall walks
90 double-unders
15 wall walks
150 double-unders
21 wall walks
210 double-unders
Time cap: 15 min.

The 2021 Crossfit Open has officially started. Right off the bat CFHQ is setting out to send a message: this sport is for anyone, anywhere and anytime (yes even during a global pandemic).

This message is clear in this workout: the first Open WOD of 2021 requires little equipment and can be done almost anywhere as long as you have a wall and some space to perform double unders.

But accessible and relatively simple doesn’t mean this workout won’t be hard. Wall walks are a brutally deceitful movement and with the volume being accumulated on your shoulders between the two movements things can get spicy… very fast.

If you want to learn how to approach this workout to achieve your best score possible keep on reading: Head Coach John Singleton breaks down every aspect of 21.1 from warming up to pacing.

Quick Tips Strategy:

First Thoughts:

With a new and accessible movement we will see a lot of different names on the leaderboard.

This will be a shoulder pump: for those of you who dont practice wall walks, just like ring rows, the fatigue adds up quickly.

If Kari Pearce finished only 2 minutes before the time cap I wouldn’t expect very many people in the world to complete this workout.

Pacing Ideas:

Go slow, go relaxed. This workout is all about managing the shoulder pump over 15 minutes.

You should start at a breathable pace and aim to keep the heart rate low. Too fast too soon is a recipe for disaster in this workout.

The Equipment Set Up:

The set up is very simple in this workout. Just make sure you have space: you shouldn’t be worrying about the jump rope hitting people or objects around you.

A comprehensive breakdown on how to approach the individual movements:

Wall Walks:

Aim to have a mantra in your head so you can remember the correct order in which to move:

Feet Hands – Hands Feet. (This refers to the feet move up the wall first, then the hands. To descend the hands move back to the line then the feet.)

Double unders:

Stay calm, stay relaxed.

When sets get big be wary of trying to go unbroken. Again remember you don’t want to blow up to soon so be smart and break before you have to.

Stumbles may happen: aim to stay composed and remember that the most significant part of this workout will be the Wall Walks.

Warm Up:

The focus of this warm up is to get the shoulders, wrists and elbows feeling good and strong and making sure you are comfortable with the Double Under or Single Under depending on your scaling option. The energy system warm up won’t be as important here, simply 5 minutes light pace on the bike to get the blood flowing will be sufficient.

The Warm Up structure.

5 Minute Assault Bike. Into:

20 Shoulder Rotations

20 Double Unders

Anterior Shoulder stretch: 30 second hold each side

20 Double Unders

60 second wrist flow

20 Double Unders

30 floor angels

20 Double Unders

20 Prone Shoulder Dislocates

20 Double Unders

Hot Tips:

On the ascent: Use your knees to initiate the Push Up, to help save the arms for the later rounds.

On the descent: Try NOT to control the eccentric portion of the push up too much.

Start out relaxed and aim to maintain that throughout.