CrossFit Open 21.3 and 21.4

21.3 21.4 crossfit open

All the info you need about 21.3 and 21.4 in one place.

What is the CrossFit Open 21.3?

For total time:
15 front squats
30 toes-to-bars
15 thrusters
Rest 1 min.
15 front squats
30 chest-to-bar pull-ups
15 thrusters
Rest 1 min.
15 front squats
30 bar muscle-ups
15 thrusters
Workout 21.4 begins immediately upon
completing or reaching the time cap for 21.3.
♀ 29kg/65 lb.
♂ 43kg/95 lb

What is the CrossFit Open 21.4?

Complete the following complex for max load:
1 deadlift
1 clean
1 hang clean
1 jerk
Time begins immediately following the completion of 21.3.
Time cap: 7 min.

Workout Standards

First Thoughts:

A classic Open workout(s). One common factor we have seen in The Open is earning your heavy weights and here is no different.

21.3 starts with Barbell and gymnastics which is what we love about CrossFit and the typical met-con hit/hurt will be apparent. KNOWING YOUR CAPACITY is the key here. Can you hit 30 BMU easily under fatigue? If so, you will be in the top 0.1% and you have to go for it.

If you can’t do that, you have to divide to give yourself the quickest time in the round of BMU.

In the 2nd part you should have pre planned all 3 lifts. 1 = getting something on the board. 2 = a number you “know” you can hit. 3 =  a number you would like to hit. In the warm up you should have hit that starting weight.

Hot Tips:


  • Top 1%: You need to move hard and fast. Most movements should be completed unbroken, however the BMU will need to be divided efficiently.
  • Top 10%: Think short sets /short rest. Break up the gymnastics from the start, especially if you aren’t comfortable with bar muscle ups
  • For both be Positive: the 1 minute rest goes by quickly, work on bringing down your breathing and focus on positive affirmations as “I can do this”, “I am strong”.
  • Grip is a weakness? Try using a “cross grip” on the front rack for Front Squats as this will help reduce fatigue.


  • Have a Game Plan: Ideally you should aim to hit 3 lifts in the 7 min window: Easy – Medium – Hard.
  • Save Energy: As you build to your first weight use just a Clean and Jerk rather than the full complex to save yourself for the main weights.
  • Time is your friend: Count on your heart rate going down during the 7 minutes and use it to your advantage, knowing that you will feel better at Min 5 than you did at Min 1.

The Equipment Set Up:

Take note of the new standard, meaning you have to set up in a specific way:

Prior to starting the workout, athletes must set up a competition area as follows:

  • Mark a line directly under the pull-up bar.
  • Mark a second line 8 feet away from the line under the pull-up bar.


Movement Breakdown:

Toes to bar

Bar muscle up

Pull-up tutorial

Warm Up:

Stage 1:

General movement:

Here are some ideas to help warm up your Squat:

Stage 2:

10 minute EMOM at a light pace:

Min 1: Row
Min 2: Bike

Stage 3:


Make sure TTB / C2B and BMU are all feeling smooth.

On our tutorial videos above we have full movement breakdowns and warm ups.

Stage 4:

Weightlifting Complex Warm Up.

Build to your starting weight of the complex. This should be a weight you can do each and every day NO PROBLEM. Think 90% of your most recent 1RM Clean and Jerk.

Stage 5:

3 Front Squats @95/65lbs
3 Thrusters @95/65lbs

3 Front Squats @95/65lbs
5 C2B
3 Thrusters @95/65lbs

3 Front Squats @95/65lbs
3 Thrusters @95/65lbs

Stage 6:

Make sure you set your mind set and all equipment is set and ready to go.


This workout is going to be intense. You will be relying heavily on your glycogen stores so it’s of high importance you start stocking them early on.

If possible start increasing carb intake the night before and aim to have a predominantly carb heavy meal 4 hours before the event.

During the workout keep a sweet drink by your side. It’s can be important you try to sip on it during resting times especially before the lifts. Recent scientific studies have linked tasting a sweet sugary flavor with improved nerve firing = more explosive muscles = better and heavier lifts.

Can’t stomach liquids during a workout: you don’t necessarily have to swallow the liquid. Keep a bucket by your side, swirl the drink in your mouth for a couple seconds and spit it out (discretely).


This is the final workout of the 2021 CrossFit Games Open and we have a classic way to finish it. In 2 weeks a lot of our athletes will be moving onto the next stage which is the Quarter Finals. If you are interested in joining their training, send an e-mail to: [email protected]

Good luck, go hard and as always – Enjoy!