CrossFit Open 22.1

crossfit open 22.1

The 2022 CrossFit season has officially begun with the announcement of 22.1. The live announcement was presented by GOWOD and featured a face-off between top CrossFit Games contenders Bethany Shadburne, Danielle Brandon, Patrick Vellner, and Noah Ohlsen.

Many spectators were quick to draw similarities between this WOD and the workout that inaugurated the 2021 Open. If you participated last year, then for you, 22.1 will be a walk down memory lane. A wall walk, unfortunately.

What is the CrossFit Open 22.1?

Amrap 15 min
3 Wall Walks
12 Dumbbell Snatches 15/22,5 kg  (35/50 lb)
15 box jump-overs 20/24 inch

Score is the number of reps completed at the 15-minute time cap.

Workoutsheet and Scorecard

YouTube video
YouTube video

First Thoughts

Based on previous years, the first workout of the open tends to be one that isn't too technical. 22.1 falls in the same category but don't let that fool you.

In this fun, dynamic workout we’ll see a little bit of weight but a lot of endurance.

15 minutes of constant movement means that you’ll need to adopt good rhythm from the start and hold on until the end.

Pacing Ideas:

Coming out of the first round, it's easy to get confident and think that each round can be completed Within a minute.

Once the fatigue sets in, your pace will change drastically, so it's best not to come out too hot from the beginning.

Before taking on the workout, test a full round to see how long it takes you to comfortably get through it.

Using that split, you can get a better idea of how many reps you'll be able to complete within the 15 minutes by maintaining a steady pace throughout.

Equipment Set-up: 

Set up is pretty simple for this triplet however it is important to facilitate the transitions to each exercise.

Set your box and dumbbell within close proximity to the wall forming a triangular shape.

You should be able to move easily from the wall to the dumbbell to the box and back to the wall again.

Start the box jump overs from the same side each time keeping in mind that the last rep should end closer to the wall.

Keep your equipment close together, but make sure that you have enough space for your box jump overs without any dumbbells, scoresheets, or water bottles in the way.  

Movement Guide:

Wall Walks:

Stay calm, stay and stay in control both in the ascents and descents. Staying in a stacked position and keeping a strong midline are key to being efficient in wall climbs. Maintain tension throughout the body and continue to push through the floor as you approach the passing mark. 

The reps are minimal however they'll definitely play a significant factor for those who haven't been practicing them in the last year.

YouTube video

Dumbbell Snatch:

The rep scheme is modest enough that many athletes will be able to go unbroken. Keep the dumbbell close and drive with your legs as you extend.

Stronger athletes will be able to maintain a muscle snatch but if necessary, use a power snatch from the beginning.

Keep your glutes tight and your upper body as upright as possible to avoid blowing your back out.

If you don't feel confident alternating the dumbbell snatches in the air, practice beforehand. You’ll spend more time under tension, but it can help you to complete more reps from less time. 

Box Jump Over:

Stay low passing from one side of the box to the other.

Complete your turns on the top of the box and take advantage of the step down to recover and keep your heart rate down. 

Finishing with a good score all comes down to the speed that you can cycle the dumbbell and keep moving on the box jump overs. These aren't exercises that anyone will go to failure on however, being able to handle them while your heart rate is high can mean the difference between tens of reps.

Warm up:

This workout is going to be very demanding on your shoulders and midline, but don't worry we’ve got you covered. We’ve come together with GOWOD, the official mobility partner of the NOBULL CrossFit Games to prepare a specific warmup to get you ready to crush 22.1. Simply scan the QR code below to get free access to the routine:

Hot Tips:

  • Adopt a rhythm that allows you to stay steady and consistent throughout the 15 minutes.
  • Be as efficient as possible when cycling the dumbbell snatches and box jump overs.
  • Warm up with GOWOD to keep your shoulders and lower back mobile.

If you haven’t signed up for the Open yet, don’t forget that you have until 28 February at 17:00 PT (or 1 March at 1:00 GMT) to register and submit your score.

There are workouts available for teens, masters, and adaptive athletes with workouts that can be completed in a gym or at home. The open is for all levels, so there’s literally no excuse not to do it!

Grab a judge, a few friends, and get ‘er done.