dubai crossfit 2021

Dubai CrossFit Championship 2021

Since its inception, the Dubai CrossFit Championship has quickly become one of the top 3 major off-season in the CrossFit world and an event that many elitè athletes look forward to participating in each year.

Its success isn’t surprising as DCC does a great job of combining next level entertainment for the community with large prize purses and unique experiences for the athletes making it a win-win for all parts involved.

This year’s edition is fast approaching and The Progrm has quite a roster of athletes who will be taking on the challenge. But before we highlight our competitors, let’s break down all the major details you need to know about the event.


Leaderboard: Here

What is the Dubai CrossFit Championship?

“The Dubai CrossFit® Championship is a three-day CrossFit, Inc.-sanctioned competition taking place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with the goal of bringing together individual athletes from around the world to compete in the spirit of fitness.”

Started in 2012 as a competition mostly meant for local athletes it wasn’t until 2016 that the event started gaining some traction with it’s extravagant flair and generous prize purses that attracted athletes from all over the globe.

Who is participating?

Julie Hougard, Jacqueline Dahlstrom and Gabriela Migala are the three The Progrm athletes currently set on the leaderboard to represent us in Dubai.

Where can I watch the Dubai CrossFit 2021?

The event is held in Dubai. The first day (Friday) is always “off site” and has been held in all type of places throughout the years from Dubai’s artificial lake to the desert itself.

Saturday and Sunday events will instead be held at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis stadium.

You can watch it on YouTube, and we will be embedding the live videos here.

When is it happening?

The 2021 finals will be held from the 16th to the 18th of December.

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Valuable details

Although no events have been released yet and Friday’s external location is still unknown, what we know for certain are the prize purses the athletes will be going head to head for.

Category Rx Individual (M/F)

1st Place $50,000
2nd Place $30,000
3rd Place $20,000

1st Place $3,000
2nd Place $2,000
3rd Place $1,000

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