Julie #2


Training 1 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6)


Squat clean + Front Squat + Thruster

Establish your daily max in 1 squat clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 thruster.


Strict Press

Build to a 3RM Strict Press


Thruster chipper for time:

10 reps with 70kg

20 reps with 55kg

30 reps with 40kg

40 reps with 30kg



Tabata jumping lunges 

Perform 8 sets of 20 sec on – 10 sec off:


3 RoundsFor quality: 

8 DB bench press (as heavy as possible)

30 Banded tricep extensions in as few sets as possible

The banded tricep extensions should give you a good stimulus, if not get more tension on the band.

Conditioning Development:

For Time:

100 Burpees: 25 Burpees to target / 25 Lat burpees over bar / 25 Bar facing burpees / 25 Burpees to target


As you are aware we have been having a variation of 100 burpees over the last period and this is our chance to attack it one more time (Don’t worry of course there will still be burpees within the programming). Just like any skill you get better with practice and burpees are no exception. They occur frequently in competition and are notorious in The Open, therefore refining the skill in this period is a sensible approach. So get after this set and let us know how you get on.



Gymnastics Conditioning: 

For time:



Between each set 2 rounds of:

1 Rope climbs 15ft

12 alternating KB snatch 16kg


Gymnastic Strength:

The set below is repeated from last week, therefore you should have a number in mind you know you can achieve, obviously look to get 1-2 reps more.

1. Find your max ub strict (C2B) pull-ups

Rest 1 min

2. 3 min EMOM @ 50% of 1

Rest as needed

3. Find your max ub strict HSPU (Hands within 80cm width)

Rest 1 min

4. 3 min EMOM @50% of 3

Training 2


Back Squat:
1. Build up to a heavy 4RM.
2. Drop down to 80 – 90% at perform 3 x 4.



2 Rounds For time:

Accumulate 1 min Free standing HSH (3 Min time cap, use a 1m squared box)

10 Snatches 50kg

20 cal Ski Erg

10 OHS 50kg

20m HSW

2 min rest



Plate holds:

Accumulate 3 minutes (90 seconds each hand) Rx = 20kg


40 Min EMOM:

Min 1: Box Jumps 24/20 in + TTB

Min 2: DB Snatch + Alternating STOH 25/15kg

Min 3: Cal Assault Bike + Air Squats

Min 4: Rest

Pick a number between 10-15. You must do this rep scheme for each movement.

If you don’t get that number on a round (round = full 4 min cycle). You stop, rest until the round finishes and go again. You want to go for a high a number as possible whilst being able to achieve the goal you set for yourself. This is a good test of knowing your capacity on a given workout.



For Quality:

2 x 25 Banded lat pull downs Video



Barbell Bicep curls 20kg

Hollow rocks

Try to go unbroken on the sets. Move quickly between exercises. 

Training 3



Ideally for these sets you can walk from rack to rack if possible. Remember safety first, don’t go heavier than you feel comfortable. 

1. Build to a max weight in Back Rack walking lunge 8m

2. Build to a max weight in Front Rack walking lunge 8m

3. Build to a max weight in OH walking lunge 8m



1 x 20 @95kg

3 Min rest

2 x 15 @95kg – 2 min rest between sets.

4 Min rest

2 x 10 @95kg  – 1 min rest between sets.


This is obviously higher volume deadlift work, we have this in to prepare us for some of the workouts we typically see in the open. If you can’t do each weight in 2 sets then scale the weight to a weight you will be able to manage this. The weight should be roughly 80% of the 10RM you achieved last week. If you struggle with high volume deadlifts reduce to 1 set at each rep range.



3 Rounds:

20 cal Assault Bike

10 x 10m Shuttle sprints

3 Min rest. All out efforts! 



Tabata L-sit hold
8 x 20 sec on – 10 sec off.

Don’t skip this! Your core is key.



4 rounds for warm up:

100 ub Double unders

750m Ski

1 Min wall facing HSH

Steady pace, focus on staying smooth and breathing with the rope. Use this piece as a warm-up for the gymnastics. 



Gymnastic Open Prep:

4 rounds of, 30 sec on – 40 sec off:


2. TTB


Gymnastic Skill Development:

2 rounds for quality:

1. 10 Seated leg lifts Video

2. 20 sec Top of the pistol hold*

3. 20 sec Bottom of the pistol hold*

4. 10 alt. Pistols for quality (full hip extension at the top before changing legs)

*First  complete one leg, then the other leg, then move on to the 2nd round.


Gymnastic Conditioning:

50 pistols for time.

Training 4

“Training 4/Triathlon Development/Active Recovery”

The focus for Training 4 will vary depending on your needs. Some athletes will take today as an active recovery day, to keep the body moving and working at a lower intensity, some athletes may have this day as a complete rest day which is fine.

Other athletes may choose this day as one of the main focuses of the week, this should be the case if you need to develop your aerobic capacity. If you are feeling good and time allows, you can do the session.



Warm up/Drills:

50m Freestyle / 50m Backstroke / 50m Breaststroke / 2 x 100m (25m single arm left, 25m single arm right, 50m full stroke) / 4 x 50m (25m kick on front and 25m kick on back)

10 x Tumbleturn practice


Main set:

Establish max distance front crawl in 90 seconds. This should be a challenging but comfortable distance.

Then every 2 mins x 12 repeat this distance.


Swim down:

5 min swim down


Swim down:

5 min Easy pace, varying styles



Warm up/Drills:

400m Easy jog / 50m High knees / 50m Bum kicks / 40 Standing pose drill Video

Main set:

5 x 1000m

Look to reduce the split time each set. I.e. if you start at 4 minutes aim for holding 3.55 the next. Be aware of RPE and see how it correlates to your timing.


Cool down:

400m Easy jog


The Progrm Recovery

The focus of this session is an “easy recovery” to not only improve your movement but to get your body feeling fresh before your next training session begins.

18 min EMOM:

Min 1: L/R Arm Windmill Video 

Min 2: Neck Flow Video

Min 3: Wrist Flow Video

 Min 4:Wall facing HSH

Min 5: Hip flow Video

Min 6: Bottom of squat hold

The goal of these sets is to be moving for 30-45 seconds of the minute.

Training 5


Hang Clean + Front Squat

EMOM for as long as possible: 6 Box Jumps 24/20in + 1 complex (Hang Clean + Front Squat)

Start at between 30 – 60kg and increase every minute + 5kg until you reach a daily max. Warm up the movements properly before starting the EMOM. You should reach your daily max in around 10 minutes, so choose the start weight accordingly.  Time will obvisouly be tight with the box jumps and changing weight, so make sure everything is ready. 


Clean Pulls

3 x 5 Clean pulls at 105%



For quality:

3 x 6 Glute ham raises

3 x 8 Good Mornings (as heavy as form allows)

100 Banded hamstring curls Video


3 Rounds For Time:

1000m Row

3 rounds of Strict Cindy:

1 round of Strict Cindy = 5 strict pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 squats.



Skill Development:

1. 1 SRMU + 2 Ring Dips, 2 SRMU + 4 Ring Dips, 3 SRMU + 6 Ring Dips

Continue until RMU fail then go back down the pyramid again, starting with your last successful set.


2. Assisted SRMU (Only one leg assistance, focus on positioning and maintaining false grip)

Accumulate 30 reps


Gymnastics Strength: 

8 Min EMOM:

Min 1: 15-20 Ring Support Swings

Min 2: 15-20 sec Ring L-sit

Min 3: 30-40 sec Bottom ring dip hold Video

Min 4: 20-30 sec Arch hang Video

Training 6

The Progrm Mash 

For Time:

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

DB Squats

In-between each set 8m DB walking lunge alternate between FR and Farmers Carry.

Use 2x 15kg DB.

For Time:

100 / 80 / 60 / 40 / 20 

Double Unders

2 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 10

Paraellette HSPU (Choose a deficit that you can fight to go unbroken for 10 reps)

For Time:

30 / 20 / 10

Cal Assault Bike

1:1 Work:Rest



For the final session of the week we are going to dedicate some training to our Type 1 plyometric work, to keep developing our speed and explosivity.


Sumo Deadlift

1. Build to heavy 3RM.

2. Drop to 90% and perform 1 rep every 30 seconds x 10.

As we don’t incorporate heavy Sumo Deadlifts often, don’t rush through this one but focus on the technique and building to a true heavy 3RM.


Plyometric Warm up:

3 rounds for quality:

10 Lateral squats Video

10 Lateral plate jump overs Video

10 Lateral bounds Video


Seated Box jumps Video

Accumulate 20 reps.


Depth jumps Video

Accumulate 20 reps.


Lateral jumps Video

4 x 10


Kneeling to squat jump Video

Accumulate 15 reps.

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