Gift Guide: 4 Simple Gifts for CrossFit Athletes

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Birthdays, holidays, or anniversaries, no matter what you’re celebrating, finding a gift for the CrossFit athlete in your life can be a difficult task (especially when you haven’t drunk the kool-aid). Luckily for you, there’s no end to the accessories that CrossFitters need. Check out these gift ideas that will get your athlete from warm up to workout to recovery with as little hassle as possible. No matter what level they’re at, you’re guaranteed to impress.

Shaker Bottle

What's high intensity if you're not staying hydrated? A good shaker bottle is always appreciated because it accompanies your CrossFit athlete every day they go to train. Choose a bottle that’s leak-proof, easy the open and close, and fits comfortably in the hand. Be wary of the size: The only thing worse than a bottle that's too small is one that’s too big and heavy, steals space, and it takes forever to fill up. 700 or 750 ml is the standard.

Cheap plastic bottles accumulate odors over time and need to be changed often, so look for a bottle that’s odor resistant and easy to clean. An extra bonus if it has a separate compartment for storing supplements which makes it possible to drink your pre-workout and bring a scoop of post-workout for afterwards.

EXTRA: Washing bottles by hand is always a pain. Accompany this gift with a bottle brush, wash brushes that are perfect for getting into the nooks and crannies of even the narrowest bottles

Mobile Phone Tripod

We've all been there, you prop your phone up on a stack of plates or a shaker bottle, and just as you get to the crucial part of your lift it, the phone face plants leaving you with partial video of what could have been. A mini tripod for mobile phones is an easy, practical gift that can record PR's and qualifiers, analyze technique, and most importantly, show off on social media.

While it can be entertaining to engineer a solution with whatever’s on hand (MacGyver, anyone?), a portable tripod simplifies recording lifts and exercises by saving time. Opt for a light, foldable tripod that fits easily into a gym bag. It should be resistant enough to stay upright despite nearby repetitive barbell crashing, but flexible enough to get all the best angles.  

EXTRA: What’s the point of a tripod if your phone battery is in red? An external battery is handy for athletes that never stay in one place long enough to charge their phone. Don’t leave your video recording up to chance because as we all know, if you didn't record it didn't even really happen?

Hand Care Kit

Everyone wants a hard body, but no one wants hard hands and unfortunately in this sport, it’s bound to happen. With all of the pulling, pushing, and walking that hands are subjected to, any CrossFitter will tell you that their hands are constantly dry and beat up. Dryness is the least of our problems when you consider the countless callouses, blood blisters, and ripped skin that we deal with.

While we're not gonna give up what we love just to have model-worthy hands, there is a way to minimize the hand woes. Effective hand care as a two-step process: smoothen, then moisturize. This means you’ll need something that can file down or clip off rough areas like a pumice stone or callus shaver as well as a thick, rich balm or salve that will keep the skin moisturized and supple. Look for a ready-made kit especially for CrossFit athletes or if you're feeling creative find the tools separately and put them together as a kit yourself.

EXTRA: For CrossFit athletes, tape is consumed almost as much as chalk (i.e., a lot) because it's effective at protecting hands during the workout. Throw in a few rolls of a flexible, self-adhesive tape for good measure.

Better Performance

What better gift is there than a body that’s strong and moves well? The most essential thing for any athlete is better performance, and better performance comes in the form of a great training plan. While this isn’t a physical object that you can wrap a bow around, it definitely yields very physical and tangible results. (Click here to read why it's so important to follow a training plan).

This is also probably one of the safest gifts to get an athlete especially if they are a creature of habit. Pay for a month (or two!) of their training plan, or you can pull out all the stops and opt for an individualized program that will have them work one-on-one with a coach to focus on their goals and optimize their training for performance and recovery.

EXTRA: Good mobility is the crux of safe training. Gift the Crossfitters in your life a premium membership to GoWOD , an app dedicated to improving the overall mobility of CrossFit athletes. Used by many of the Fittest athletes on Earth, GoWOD generates personalized protocols that can be used to warm up and cool down for workouts.


Gift giving doesn't have to be stressful. If you want to treat a CrossFitter in your life (or maybe even yourself!), consider how often, where, and why they train to guide your decision about what you can give them. Try to go for something that’s fun, or practical, but most importantly, shows their unique character. Whether it’s a hit or a miss, the intention is what matters the most.