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Going Globo

I haven’t got a ‘CrossFit’ gym to train in, what do I do!?

There is one obvious answer – walk into your nearest ‘globo’ gym take your shirt off, use as much equipment as you can whilst grunting in a motivational fashion.

I have often found this the best solution.

I could leave this blog post here but Coach Jay would be disappointed so I shall continue.

I often get asked where I train when not having Coach Nick chase me in workouts at Reebok CrossFit Thames, the answer is a Muay Thai Gym (www.unit1gym.com) in Suffolk. I have been lucky in the sense the owners have always been very relaxed about me using the equipment. I also have my own lifting bar and bumper plates at the gym, everyone can use them but it means when I go in I can at least hit workouts that allow me to drop the weights, which means I can program CrossFit style workouts with no stresses.

One aspect of not having CrossFit classes is training by yourself, it is another dynamic that I think is worthy of a blog or more. If you haven’t seen the Sisu documentary it is a great watch. Take a look at where Mikko used to do his rowing it may shed some light on the idea.


I understand that people don’t always have the option of training with equipment or may be in a situation such as having to workout in a hotel gym.

This should be a great opportunity to either get into another class, sometimes seeing things from a different perspective is a great way to expose weaknesses, find holes in your game that can then be developed.

All this aside you can just get inventive: