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We believe you can achieve what you dream of with hard work, discipline and commitment to an excellent plan. 

The Progrm HYROX Race Prep Plan 

World famous The Progrm coaches, working in collaboration HYROX have created the ultimate official guide to HYROX Race Prep. 

Start where you are…

Designed to benefit all levels of athletes, from beginners to seasoned pros, the plan offers three adaptable training levels which will meet you where you are. 

An official Hyrox Program

When you enroll in the HYROX Race Prep Programme you will have the opportunity to start with a fitness test to gauge your level. 
Then, you will start to unlock your potential by following detailed video tutorials and learning from invaluable insights from seasoned coaches all tailored for you to conquering the eight HYROX stations.


€29.99 / Month


€229.99 / Year

Want to truly approach your race as a serious athlete?

Included in the programme are detailed warm up plans, and a taper week to bring you to your race day in the best shape you can be!

What does the plan focus on?


Elevate your running technique and performance with expert tips to enhance your stride efficiency and speed.

Running will be a core part of your training program, with a mix of long-distance runs, interval runs, and hill sprints. And you will get plenty of chances to experience “Compromised Running” and learn how to cope with it.


Develop strength, endurance, and aerobic capacity with our focused training plans.

These will help you to improve muscle power, prevent injury, and enhance your overall fitness.


Recovery is just as important as training, so make sure you're getting enough rest, stretching, and foam rolling regularly.

Light runs, mobility exercises, and yoga can be incorporated into your training routine.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to train with the best.

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