CrossFit Last Chance Qualifier

crossfit last chance qualifiers

With Games prep in full swing for almost all qualified athletes a handful of competitors is still chipping away in preparation for their last shot at earning their ticket to Madison.

These athletes are in fact set to compete in the last qualifying event for the 2022 CrossFit Games: the Last Chance Qualifiers.

So let’s dive right into what the LCQs are. In this article we will be covering:

  • What
  • When and Where
  • Who can participate
  • Who earns their Games ticket

What is the Last Chance Qualifier?

The CrossFit Last Chance Qualifier is an event held by CFHQ and open to the athletes who were close to qualifying to the Games in their respective SemiFinal events.

Photo courtesy of @vicmleod




From 0-2 minutes:
  20 thrusters
  Max-rep bar muscle-ups in the time remaining
From 2-4 minutes: 
From 4-6 minutes:
  20 bar muscle-ups
  Max-rep thrusters in the time remaining
185/125 lb 83/56 kg


For max distance:
2,000-m row
Max-distance handstand walk in the time remaining
​​8-minute time cap


For time, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 repetitions each of:
Clean and jerk
Shuttle run
225/155 lb, 102/70 kg 50-ft shuttle runs 


2 rounds for time:
50 burpee box jump-overs
75 double-unders
100 wall-ball shots
24/20-in box, 20/14-lb ball, 10-ft target
Time cap: 20 minutes

When and Where

The event will be held online during the week of June 27, 2022 – July 3, 2022.

The format is expected to follow the same concept as we’ve seen with the previous SemiFinal events that have been hosted online.


Based upon what is stated by the official CrossFit Games website:

“The Last-Chance Qualifier is reserved for individual athletes who finished within three spots of a Games-qualifying position.”
Therefore, in order for athletes to be eligible to compete at the Last-Chance Qualifier they must have finished in their respective positions on the leaderboard:

North America: 6th-8th place at each respective Semifinal event
Europe: 6th-8th place at each respective Semifinal event
Oceania: 4th-6th place at Torian Pro
Asia: 3rd-5th place at Asia Invitational
South America: 3rd-5th place at BCC Championship
Africa: 2nd-4th place at Fittest in Cape Town

Who will earn their Games ticket

With such a stacked field of competitors only the top two men and women at the end of the LCQs will be granted a trip to Madison, Wisconsin.

With such a limited number of qualifying spots available and such a stacked field of athletes it’s safe to say the CrossFit community has never witnessed a spectacle like this.

Photo courtesy of @vicmleod

If at the Games most athletes are there to do their best and enjoy racing against the 1% of the world, in a qualifying event the stress placed upon competitors is much higher.

And we’d like to believe the hunger to come out on top is also much different as athletes will literally have to fight tooth and nail against some of the best competitors from all over the globe to ultimately earn that coveted Games spot.

We are definitely excited to see how the combination of an internationally stacked field of athletes and the extreme drive that comes with being granted one more chance to make it to the big stage will affect the level of fitness we see throughout the weekend.

Lastly we want to shout out our athletes who will be taking the floor once again to fight for a Games invite.

Arthur Semenov – Rusia