madrid crossfit championship 2021

Madrid CrossFit Championship

The Madrid CrossFit Championship is a CrossFit competition held in Spain.

Date: October 15 to the 17th
Location: Quijote Arena, Ciudad Real

This championship is a relatively young event that has been backed by the all might Loud-and-Live Sport Events allowing this seemingly young and under the radar competition to quickly skyrocket to one of the most relevant and exciting throwdowns held in Europe.

Final results

1.- Solveig Sigurdardottir (The Progrm)
2.- Rebecka Vitesson (EX-The Progrm)
3.- Jacqueline Dahlstrom (The Progrm)
4.- Julie Hougard (The Progrm)

What you should know about the Madrid CrossFit Championship?

With a bunch of heavy hitter sponsors and a large pool of athletes who signed up for the qualifying rounds held from the 4th of July MCC has put up an overall prize pot of 61.800 Euros.

At the end of the weekend the fittest male and female athletes will rack up a 10.000 Euros prize purse

When we look at the leaderboard it is clear that MCC is first and foremost an event for the Spanish and Hispanic Crossfit community.

The top 40 athletes span from all over Spain but there are also a few South American flags in the mix as well.

However, we can’t deny that the event has attracted international attention with athletes from all over Europe making that qualifying cut.

And to top it all off the official website states that the event will also be granting invites to top athletes assuring spectators that they will have a proper show to look forward to.

Progrm Athletes taking the floor

The Progrm was born in Europe and to this day Europeans athletes make up the majority of our community.

In particular, we have found great support from the Spanish CrossFit community, and we wouldn’t have had the international success we have reached today without them.

So we couldn’t be happier to announce we will be attending the MCC with a full roster of athletes.

If you see any of our coaches at the event come say hi!

And if you want to cheer for our athletes allow us the honor of presenting them to you:

Jacqueline Dahlstrom

The MCC will be Jacqueline’s first competition since the 2021 CrossFit Games and we already know she can’t wait to be out on the floor again.

We’ve covered Jacqueline’s athletic history quite in depth in her own “About the athlete” blog article. If you haven’t already we encourage you to check it out and who knows you might even find out a fun fact or two like the fact that she used to be a professor.

Solveig Sigurdadòttir 

Solveig has just recently joined The Progrm Athletes team, and we couldn’t be more excited to have this young talent put her trust in us. She’s currently juggling chiropractic school with her competitive CrossFit endeavors.

But no matter how many exams, she can’t stay away from the competition floor for too long, so after competing in SemiFinals this past May she’s back for more at the Madrid CrossFit Championship.

Julie H. Nielsen

Julie is one of our longest standing and most impressive and inspirational athletes.

Not only is she insanely strong and fit, but she’s also a doctor.

Julie qualified in first for the Madrid Championship, so we can only expect great things from her on game day.

If you want to find out more about her life journey and take some inspiration from her grit and discipline, you can learn more about her in our dedicated “About the athlete” blog post:

Kristof Horvath

Kristof has joined The Progrm a couple of years ago and since then he has changed our community and coaching team for the better in so many ways.

Although he has a cool and collected personality outside the competition floor, when that buzzer goes off he’s able to completely transform.

The crowd loves him, as no one brings so much energy and hype to a workout quite like he can. You can find out more about Kristof’s resilient spirit and inspiring attitude on his dedicated page in our blog, and we hope you’ll stand up and cheer for him if you find yourself in the stands of MCC.

Anais and Zachary

Anais and Zachary have joined our athlete community in 2021, and we couldn’t be more excited about their athletic future.

Both of them have chosen to work 1 on 1 with one of our coaches, as they recognized attention to detail and a custom-made program were what they needed to make that quality jump in the competitive world

Their time with us may have been relatively brief (for now) but they have demonstrated many of the characteristics of great athletes, and we are looking forward to seeing them showcase their hard work out on the floor in Madrid!

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