The Progrm Weekly #1

Last week was the beginning of 2020 we talked about goals for the new year. But as our own motto says talking isn’t enough without action. #ActaNonVerba

This is why in our first The Progrm Weekly email we want to guide you through what we believe are the important tips to setting up a successful plan of attack for the upcoming year.

  • The importance of having a routine: every successful person will tell you that the main reason they were able to stay committed to the hustle is because they had a routine in place that allowed them to not stray away from attacking their goals even on the days where motivation and drive were lacking. We have linked right here some of the self improvement books we find are most helpful to understand the importance of having set daily routines and how to best implement them in your life:

– Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World
My Morning Routine: How Successful People Start Every Day Inspired
Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones

  • Fail to prepare and you will prepare to fail: as cliché and overused as this quote may sound it is very true. One of the areas which this is most relevant to is nutrition. A bad diet leads to worsened performance and ability to focus: making us less productive, less effective in the gym and overall less healthy. Here is where meal prep comes in to save the day. Meal prep can be adapted to fit anyone’s needs and there no set way one should go about it. Some people prep every meal in separate containers other in bulk, some may do it every few days while others prepare to cover an entire work week in one go. Here we are some of our favorite IG accounts you can follow to get inspired for your next meal prep:




  • Take notes from people who are succeeding at their goals regardless of how much they have on their plate: there are so many people around us who are succeeding in the same environment we want to be great in despite their schedule, life commitments or how much (or little) external support they receive. A great example is one of our most successful The Progrm athletes. If you want to learn more about her and how she manages to compete at the elite level whilst managing a full time job and being self employed on the side check our article on her at this link.