Designed to get athletes to the
highest level of the Sport.

2 training sessions per day. This program is for athletes looking to make a jump in their competitive career and rise to the top of the leaderboard.


Proven Experience: Our team of coaches has helped over 30 individual athletes reach The CrossFit Games and they will be on hand to help you.

Reach your athletic potential: The deal is simple, you put in the time and work. We deliver programming and provide the support network designed to make you a great all around athlete.

Easy Access: You can access all your workouts from your member dashboard on our mobile-friendly website + App.

The athlete comes first: We prevent athlete burnout and injury by implementing deloads, injury prevention exercises and keeping our program constantly varied so you can always look forward to something new.


I don’t have “X” skill yet. Can I do this program?
In summary NO, to perform The Progrm 2. You need all CrossFit skills (RMU´s, HSW, Double Unders) and the ability to at-least Snatch your own bodyweight. If this isn’t you, then The Progrm 1 is the perfect choice

Is this program periodized?
Yes, we periodize this program by implementing deloads and peaking performance around the competitive CrossFit season.

Will it be possible to speak with coaches?
By signing up with us you will gain access to our online community where you can reach out to our coaches about any questions you may have.

How do I know if I can follow this program?
There are 3 main requirements for anyone who wants to join The Progrm 2:

1. Have the time to train 4+ hours per day
2. Have the time to recover from training (Sleep 9+ hours per night)
3. You must be able to perform all skills in CrossFit.


Step 1:

Sign up to our 7 day trial. We’ll give you access to all the resources via email.

Step 2:

Watch your fitness improve and compare your scores with other Progrm athletes.

Step 3:

Your paid subscription will start
at the end of the 7 day trial
(cancel any time from
your user dashboard).

Our Crossfit community is waiting for you!

When you start the trial, you’ll also get access to our exclusive community of hundreds of members. Interact with other competitors to compare scores, measure your progress and learn from some of the best athletes in Crossfit.


2021 Jacqueline Dahlstrøm and Gabi Migala enter the Top 20 and Top 10 Worldwide. The Progrm named most successful Training Program of 2021.

2020 Gabi Migala becomes one of only 30 athletes
to qualify for The CrossFit Games.

2019 Jacqueline Dahlstrøm becomes the 2nd
women in history to win two sanctioned events.

2019 11 individual athletes qualify forThe CrossFit
Games, the largest of any program.

2018 We take not one but two teams to
The CrossFit Games.

2017 We take our first Masters athletes to
The CrossFit Games.

2016 Adrian Mundwiler and Lukas Esslinger qualify
for their first CrossFit Games.

2015 Sara Sigmundsdottir and Björgvin K.
Guðmundsson place 3rd in the World.