The Progrm DAILY

The Progrm Daily is the perfect program for athletes wanting to develop and improve in the most efficient time possible. If you are new to training in this way, it is also the perfect place to start.


What to expect from The Daily?


  • Scaling options for workouts and gymnastics.
  • A Coach always available to help you if needed.
  • Session length 90 – 120 minutes.
  • 5 Training Days per week.
  • 1 Recovery day with specific movement work.


"Want to say thanks a mill to the coaches and you guys here in the group! Fitnessing is fun again and I'm enjoying it more than ever!"

- Martine Nordberg


A Very Simple Contract

The Progrm subscriptions are simple. You pay for the period you want. If you keep paying the subscription we keep sending your programming. If you stop - we stop.


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