The Progrm Elite is our tried, tested and proven gold standard programming for developing the highest level athletes. If you want to compete in the Sport of CrossFit® then this program is for you.

The Progrm Elite


  • The ultimate program for athletes.
  • A Coach always available to help you if needed.
  • Session length 2 x 90 – 120 minutes per day.
  • 5 Training Days per week.
  • 1 Recovery day with specific movement work.

The Progrm Elite is for experienced athletes only. Not to be used unless you are accustomed to training!


A Very Simple Contract
The Progrm subscriptions are simple. You pay for the period you want. If you keep paying the subscription we keep sending your programming. If you stop – we stop.


Special Discount
You get 2 months FREE and a Progrm T-shirt with your Annual Membership!


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