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When you sign up to THE PROGRM INDIVIDUAL all of your training concerns and worries become ours.


We are here to help guide you through your fitness journey and will be there every step of the way. By signing up you will be working directly with one of our highly trained coaches. All of our coaches have a minimum of 10 years working in the fitness industry and 5 years within CrossFit. If your goals are to make it to the CrossFit Games or get your first muscle up, we have a specific coach that can help you achieve this.


This a perfect option for athletes, who may not have access to a coach where they train, or athletes who would like to work with one of our experienced coaches.



[su_pullquote align=”right”]“I’ve been working with my Progrm Individual for less than 6 months and never thought I’d make so much progress. With the individualised program I get daily feedback and it challenges and motivates me to push my limits every day.”
Vanessa Burdorf[/su_pullquote]

What to expect:

  • 100% adaptable programming to your needs.
  • Work directly with one of our experienced coaches.
  • This means video feedback, technical advice, program altercations, specific competition peaking.
  • Have a coach that will be with you on your journey and help you achieve your goals.


Sign up below to get started:




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