The Strict Pull Up Course

Improve your ability to work harder and recover better without burn out,
overtraining, or risking injury.


If you’re sick and tired of relying on resistance bands or scaling down to ring rows, this is YOUR program! Our course will help you build a baseline of strength and teach you the correct mechanics necessary to achieve strict pull ups.

Strict pull ups are a fundamental movement for being able to kip, butterfly, and progress on to more advanced exercises like chest-to-bar or muscle ups.

This course is invaluable for everyone who struggles to execute powerful, fluid repetitions of strict pull-ups and is effective for athletes looking to get their first rep or their first few consecutive reps.

For only €59,99 you’ll get:

  • 6 weeks of training sessions.
  • Compatible with your regular training. Ideally these sessions can be completed before or after your regular training or CrossFit class.
  • Flexible training sessions: scalable exercises that suit your fitness level.
  • Test at the beginning of the course and retest at the end of the course to measure progress.
  • Support from a team of coaches ready to resolve any questions or doubts.