Teen CrossFit Competitions

crossfit teen competitions

The generation of children that were introduced to CrossFit has grown into adolescents. With years of high intensity training under their belt, these CrossFit teens are almost as fast, powerful, and fit as many competing adults.

This is unprecedented for CrossFit, as it is still considered to be a new and burgeoning sport, however it presents an interesting opportunity to see what athletes can be capable of when they've worked with this training methodology from an early age.

So, enter Teen CrossFit Competitions: a thrilling new platform for young athletes to showcase their skills and resilience.

In this article, we'll shed light on what are Teen CrossFit competitions and why they've become an integral part of the fitness landscape.

The Evolution of CrossFit Teen Competitions

The inclusion of teens in the CrossFit Games was in 2015, the result of the sport's evolution and growth in popularity.

This decision to introduce competition brackets for age groups (Teens and Masters), and the scaled division in The Open was first met with controversy, however these changes have since become instrumental in shaping the next generation of CrossFit athletes, both elite and recreational. 

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By providing a dedicated platform within the Games, CrossFit elevated the status of these young competitors and inspired countless others to embrace the sport.

The teen division at the CrossFit Games has become a breeding ground for future stars, with remarkable athletes emerging and making their mark on the global stage.

What Are Teen CrossFit Competitions and How Do They Work ?

Teen championships or divisions are CrossFit competitions that feature specific age brackets to ensure fair competition among athletes aged 13-17.

They are usually modeled after the Individual (ages 18+) competition in terms of the qualifying and final stages, however there are some slight differences. 


While the WODs for 18+ athletes are designed to push them to their limits, workouts in the teen division are usually adapted to match their skill and experience.

Extra precaution is taken to maintain a balance between challenge and safety as youth athletes are still in their developmental stages.

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Another difference is in the atmosphere. Teen competitions tend to have an educational and supportive environment that teaches sportsmanship and healthy competition.

The aim is to inspire young athletes to grow, improve, and continue on their training journey regardless of their final result.

The emphasis is on creating a positive environment for growth and learning, with an understanding that not all teens are aspiring to reach the elite level.

Benefits of Teen Participation

Participating in CrossFit competitions offers a variety of benefits for teenagers beyond the physical aspect.

Just as in adults, scientific studies have shown that regular physical activity contributes to improved cognitive function, emotional well-being, and better stress management.

Beyond the physical gains, competing instills confidence and helps to develop valuable life skills such as discipline, time management, and the ability to set goals and follow through.

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Moreover, the bonding and camaraderie built within the CrossFit community becomes a powerful support system and offers a sense of belonging.

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Notable CrossFit Teen Competitions

While many of the more prestigious CrossFit competitions have expanded their floor to include teen categories, Competitions exclusively made for teens are beginning to emerge on a global scale. Here are some of the top teen competitions to look out for:

CrossFit Games Teen Division: Pit Teen Throwdown

Location: TBD
Region: Worldwide
More Information:
Website – https://pitfitnessranch.com/victory-grips-pit-teen-throwdown/
Instagram – @pitteenthrowdowns

pit teen throwdown

The CrossFit Games sets the standard for excellence in the sport.

This global quest to test and recognize the Fittest on Earth also gives athletes ages 14-17 the opportunity to experience the thrill of competition on a grand scale.

The Teen Division at the Games features a series of challenging workouts (events) that test participants across various domains like endurance,  strength, and agility. In 2024, CrossFit has chosen Pit Teen Throwdown to host their teen division in an attempt to expand the qualifying spots available.

The qualifying process will be through The Open as in previous years.

TYR WODapalooza Teen Division:

Location: Miami, FL USA
Qualifier: Here
More Information:
Website –https://wodapalooza.com/
Instagram – @wodapalooza

miami teen wodapalooza

TYR WODapalooza, known for its festival-like atmosphere and elite competition, extends its competition floor to the younger generation with their teen division. This event not only provides a platform for teens to compete but also emphasizes the importance of community, as athletes from around the world gather to celebrate their shared passion for CrossFit. WODapalooza Offers two separate divisions for youth athletes:

Teen Division 13-15
Teen Division 16-18

Both the qualifying process as well as the in-person final are modeled after the individual competition.

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The Crown by The Progrm

Location: Mallorca, Spain
Qualifier: Here
More Information:
Website – https://theprogrm.com/thecrown/
Instagram – @theprogrmcrown

The Crown by The Progrm is a CrossFit competition founded in 2019 by John Singleton, founder and Head Coach of The Progrm.

In its first year following the pandemic, the 2023 edition of the Crown saw innovative, new changes to its format.

the crown teen competition crossfit

As in most competitions, participants move up the leaderboard by outperforming their peers in a series of workouts.

However, The Crown is a competition with a difference; participants spend the duration of the competition living together. This twist becomes the source of bonding, with the intention of nurturing future friendships between the athletes.


The goal of teen competition is to encourage a positive first experience in competitive CrossFit, emphasizing fun and community building.

CrossFit teen competitions have evolved into more than just physical showcases; they are transformative experiences that mold teens into resilient, disciplined, and confident athletes.

The growth of teen competitions and the inclusion of a teen category in The CrossFit Games  demonstrates an investment in the future of the sport signifying that CrossFit will be around for many years to come.

This just goes to show that the future looks fit.