Jimmy Svensson

“I’m seeing great results”

I have been following The Progrm for almost a year now and I’m seeing great results. The variety of The Progrm is great, and the structure allows me to break it up in two sessions if necessary if I don’t have time to do it all in one.

As I’m in the masters 35-39 segment the volume of the daily options suits me great. The optional scaling provided in The Progrm is also really helpful.

My competition partner and friend are following the same Progrm and she is reaping the same benefits as me.

At my box there are also some friends with high competition goals following the Elite Progrm with tremendous results and development.

All in all I would recommend anyone looking for a complete competitive CrossFit programming to follow The Progrm.


Jimmy Svensson


Athlete Profile

Location: Kristianstad, Sweden

Achievements: Podium at a local competition in Sweden

Goals: Be competitive on a Swedish level in the 40-45 masters category.

Age: 38

Year started CrossFit: 2012