Fresh, varied workouts
designed to power progress

The idea is simple: provide your gym with a selection of effective, enjoyable and safe class programs so you can reinvest your time where it matters most.


2 programs in 1: You will receive our classic “Box Progrm” which provides you with 5 weekly 60 minute class workouts, plus you also get access to our “Competitors +” program.

Our programming is available across all major platforms: SugarWOD, BTWB, WODify as well as our own Progrm platform.

With the Box Progrm you will receive:
An easy to follow timeline so you or your coaches can lead your classes without the stress of figuring out logistics or going over or under the 1 hour time slot.

Coaches notes that provide detailed tips and coaching cues to make your coaches’ lives easy so they can focus on bringing the energy to the class.

Athlete notes which give the athletes advice on how to approach the workouts.

Scaling options from beginner to intermediate: we know each class has such varying levels of athletes and our scaling options are designed to get each participant the correct stimulus.

The “Competitors +” is for gyms with clients who want to do more; it’s the perfect option to allow athletes to reach a competitive level in Crossfit while keeping the gym community with everyone training together.

Fun yet effective programming: the entertaining class design ensures your members keep returning to your gym and see the progress they’ve always dreamed of.

SAFE, if your members get injured the chances are they won’t be coming back, that’s why our top priority is making sure the programming keeps your members healthy and injury free.


Is the programming suitable for all levels?
In essence YES, this programming is designed specifically for classes who host beginner to intermediate level. We also provide a Competitors + add on for the higher level athletes of the gym (this is included in the price).

My gym has limited equipment availability, can I still run your program?
YES, we include equipment substitution options so that even with limited material you can run your classes.

Is the programming Fun?
YES, this is a huge priority. We want members to leave the gym with a smile on their face, whilst also progressing physically.

Will my members be safe?
We know the wellbeing of your members is a priority so we include exercises and movements to make sure they stay injury free, alongside appropriate scaling options to make sure they get their intended stimulus.

Will it be possible to speak with the programming team?
In short YES, we also offer a fully customised Box Progrm that can be specially for your gym, if you are interested in this option please contact us directly Here.


Step 1:

Select the platform you would like to use: The Progrm I SugarWOD I BTWB I WODify.

Step 2:

Get 1 weeks FREE access to the programming.

Step 3:

Your paid subscription will start at the end of the 7 day trial (cancel any time from your selected user dashboard)
Keep your clients happy while freeing yourself of the stress of writing daily class programs!


Writing good programming not only takes a significant amount of time it is also one of the most important aspects of your business.

On average to write 1 week of class programming it takes roughly 4 hours. That’s 16 hours a month of your most valuable asset: time. When you sign up for the Box Program the potential time saving is even greater as you are accessing three programs at once!

The Box Progrm is produced by a team of experienced programmers who are all box owners themselves and dedicate multiple hours each week to producing amazing programming.


We have been following the box programming for more than a year now and are very satisfied. It is perfectly balanced between skills, strength, olympic lifting and metcons. Our members improve and have fun during classes! The PR bell just won’t stop ringing!🔔

We are also pleased with having the Competitors + option for the ones who want to do some extra After class 👌🏼

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