BOX Owner?

We have a program that will make your life easier

This is a program that is designed to provide gyms and their coaches with effective and enjoyable programming for classes.

What to expect from The BOX?

One of the biggest advantages of choosing THE BOX PROGRM is to free up time for the gym owner/manager in the knowledge that the members are being provided with fun, effective and proven programming.

For 5 years we’ve worked with gyms across Europe with amazing results saving them both time and money.

  • Daily class programming designed around 60 minute classes.
  • Easy to follow timeline.
  • Fun engaging warm ups
  • Scaling options so all levels can participate
  • Equipment options so even with limited material you can run the class

How does it work?

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More options

You can join this program using SugarWOD

Alternatively you can join using BTWB


  • Gives gym owners more time to concentrate on other aspects of their business.
  • Trusted and tested programming that your current and prospective members can have faith in.
  • Direct contact to our coaches

We have been following the box programming for more than a year now and are very satisfied. It is perfectly balanced between skills, strength, olympic lifting and metcons. Our members improve and have fun during classes! The PR bell just won’t stop ringing!
We are also very pleased with having the Comp+ option for the ones who want to do some extra After class ??”

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Since starting The Box Progrm it has saved us a huge amount of time (and headaches). The members are super happy and the coaches have an easy time following the programming. Thank you.

The Box Mallorca