The Progrm Foundation Summerized
  • Session length 60 – 90 Minutes
  • 4 Training days per week
  • Minimal equipment (The only equipment you need to start is a barbell/weights and a pull-up station.)

Ideal for athletes beginning CrossFit and bridging the gap between starting and being able to preform all movements as Rx. It also leads well into our more advanced programs the Daily and Elite.

What to expect from The Progrm Foundation?

The program is progressive meaning as you get better the programming adapts to your needs.

  • Foundational Olympic Lifting technique
  • Foundational Gymnastic techniques
  • Accessory work for injury prevention
  • Conditioning and Strength progressions to take you to the next level

How does it work?

A Very Simple Contract

The Progrm subscriptions are simple. You pay for the period you want. If you keep paying the subscription we keep sending your programming. If you stop – we stop.

Special Discount
Get 2 months FREE and a Progrm T-shirt with our Annual Membership – Sign up for Annual HERE.

“Since starting The Progrm I am becoming stronger AND have better endurance, thank you.”

Fredrik Lindstrm

“The Progrm really is Awesome! Compared to other programs I have tried it’s a good very well rounded program and all the parts of lifting, gymnastics and conditioning are so well coordinated”

Thor Hubrecht

I decided to sign up for this program after 2.5 years of class training. Very happy to start with this journey. The first week looks awesome and I can’t wait to see the results.

Johannes Visser