In todays day and age it is easy for people to feel lost and not know whom to trust or what to do when it comes to diet and nutrition.

We also know that between a busy lifestyle and a packed schedule trying to make sense of all the information regarding nutrition is just not realistic.

However we do know that given the huge role nutrition plays not only for performance but for overall health, well being and longevity it is crucial we are eating the right food and in the right amounts.

Our nutrition specalists use a science backed approach that allows people to eat flexibility within their diet while they pursue their performance goals.

Our nutrition plans are individually tailored because we recognize that every person has different needs based on their lifestyle and physiology. TP Nutrition is here to give you the tools to succeed in the pursuit of your goals and support your lifestyle!

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We are science backed and driven: Our core belief is to operate through a science based (and approved) approach.
The freedom of flexibility: Forget about restrictive diets, unnecessary rules and food fears.
Eat to perform: Learn to fuel yourself for optimal performance and recovery.
Tailored made: You will not find any cookie cutter plans or templates instead our coaches work to formulate a plan based on your needs and physiology.
Support and guidance: feeling lost or uncertain? Our coaches are here to help guide you through any decision making and are ready to answer your questions.

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Nutrition is very personal, our coaches help optimise the way you want to eat, we have worked with people who are Vegans/Vegetarians people who follow Keto based diets or who choose Intermittent fasting.

Regardless of diet experience or goals, we will base things around you.

Everyone can benefit from working with one of our specialists.

How does it work?

Step 1

Sign up via the website. Once payment is completed you will be asked to complete your personal details.

Step 2

Within a few minutes you will receive an email with an intake survey and a link to book a call with our Nutrition specialist.

Step 3

On the call we will identify and clarify your goals and begin the process of formulating an optimal plan to get there.

Step 4

You will then receive your nutrition plan and habit goal.

Step 5

Via our app we will be monitoring your progress and helping you get through any obstacles and celebrating any victories.

Step 6

We will shcedule our 1 month follow up call and move to the next stage of your journey.