What to expect from The Progrm STRONG?

If you are here to get strong, quick, big and powerful you have come to the right place! This is the program to develop strength, size, power, and speed applicable to the sport of CrossFit®.

  • Specific programming to get you strong.
  • A Coach always available to help you if needed.
  • Session length 60 – 90 Minutes.
  • 4 Training Days per week.
  • 1 Recovery day with specific movement work.
  • Just 50€ every 4 weeks after your FREE trial. If during the free trial you decide you want to cancel, you won’t be charged a thing.

How does it work?

A Very Simple Contract

The Progrm subscriptions are simple. You pay for the period you want. If you keep paying the subscription we keep sending your programming. If you stop – we stop.

Special Discount
Get 2 months FREE and a Progrm T-shirt with our Annual Membership – Sign up for Annual HERE.

“Just finishing the 2nd cycle and testing my 1RM Deadlift: 210kg, a 10kg PR!! (The first test: 200kg was already a 6kg PR, which means 15kg+ on my deadlift since the beginning The Progrm STRONG in 3 months!)”

Loïc Agullo

Thanks to the best programming. I hit a lifetime Clean PB!

Patrick Fiol

“I have gained strength, new skills and a lot of mental toughness”

Martyna Krysiak