The Toes to Bar Course

Improve your ability to work harder and recover better without burn out,
overtraining, or risking injury.


Struggling to Rx your Toes-to-Bar in the WOD? Whether you tend to lose your kip or just can’t seem to close in on those final inches between your toes and the gymnastics bar, The TTB Course is your solution.

This skill-centered course has been designed to target the three main factors that commonly prevent athletes from achieving Toes-to-Bar: mobility, strength, and technique. Each session focuses on developing the mechanics, and performance of the exercise as well as grip strength, and hip flexor strength & flexibility.

The TTB Program begins and ends with a toes-to-bar capacity test so that you can see where you started and compare it with how far you’ve come after completing the 6-week course.

For only €59,99 you’ll get:

  • 6 weeks of training sessions.
  • Compatible with your regular training. Ideally these sessions can be completed before or after your regular training or CrossFit class.
  • Flexible training sessions: scalable exercises that suit your fitness level.
  • Test at the beginning of the course and retest at the end of the course to measure progress.
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook group where you can connect with like-minded athletes.
  • Support from a team of coaches ready to resolve any questions or doubts.