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In the 2019 season saw a huge change to not only the qualifying format for the Games, but also the Games themselves.

National Champions would qualify through the Open, meaning there would be 200+ athletes competing. Regionals was being cancelled and being replaced by Sanctioned events. Also the Games would introduce “cuts” so athletes wouldn’t compete the whole weekend.

In many ways the change really benefited our athletes.

Jacqueline Dahlstrøm became one of the only 3 women to take 2 Sanctional wins that year and achieve her first ever Games spot.

most successful crossfit program

Alongside this we had 11 total individual athletes qualify for the 2019 Games, making us the most successful program of the 2019 Season.

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In a big change for us we took 2 teams to the Games, CrossFit Asane and Butchers Lab. The Americans still dominate the teams, due to the amount of depth they have. Both teams did amazing, however it left us motivated to come back and start to push the Americans in the team competition (See 2020…).

The Games was once again held in Madison and although we didn’t know at the time this would be the final year we would see the Regional competition as a qualifying event.

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The Games moved from California to Madison, Wisconsin. A big change, from one of the biggest states in the World, to a much smaller venue. The weather was also a big change, in fact we saw wind, rain and cold temperatures, something no-one had associated the Games with before.

This was the first ever year for us to take not 1 but 2 Masters athletes, Gregory Hung and Ursula Fasel. There are not many European Masters athletes competing at the Games so this was a major victory for them. Lukas Esslinger also went on to better his 2016 performance.

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We had our first Teenage athlete to qualify for the Games Axel Lundgren, who punched his ticket through the online qualifier.


This years Regionals was maybe one of the most epic we experienced, with Sara Sigmundsdottir repeating the win. Our 2 Swiss athletes Adrian Mundwiler and Lukas Esslinger punching their first Games ticket as well.

In the lead up to the Games we held the infamous pre Games camp in Northern California and Sara went on to repeat her podium finish.

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After many years of coaching Regional athletes this was our first year at The CrossFit Games.

Sara Sigmundsdottir had not yet made a name for herself, although winning the European Regionals (Which is stacked with the best female athletes in the World) had put her name on some peoples map.

The Games was held in California. It was maybe the most brutal Games ever held, due to overall the volume and the infamous Murph which was held in 40 degree heat. Some athletes, including 2x Winner Annie Thorisdottir pulled out due to heat stroke.

However we managed to achieve a historic moment, having both a Male (Björgvin K. Guðmundsson) and Female (Sara Sigmundsdottir) athlete stand on the podium in the same year.

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