Dubai Fitness Championship 2023

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Dubai Fitness Championship is a three-day competition known for its extravagant flair and generous prize purses that attract athletes from all over the globe.

Dates: December 8 – 10, 2023
Location: Dubai, UAE
Leaderboard: TBA
More info:
Website – Here
Instagram – @dxbfitnesschamp

The Dubai CrossFit® Championship was first celebrated in 2012 as a competition mostly meant for local athletes until 2016 when the event started gaining some traction.

More recently, DCC is known for combining next level entertainment for the community with with large prize purses and unique experiences for the athletes making it a win-win for all parts involved. Adding the ability to compete in Dubai’s mild dessert climate during the winter months, it’s no wonder how Dubai CrossFit® Championship has become one of the most-anticipated competitions out of the CrossFit season.

This year, DCC has eliminated its online qualifier, making it an invitation only event. Only 30 individual males and 30 individual females will be asked to participate.






The workouts for this competition have not been announced yet.

Where to watch?

The competition can be streamed live via YouTube.

The Progrm Athletes to Watch Out for

Jacqueline Dahlstrom

Moritz Fiebig


Category Rx Individual (M/F)

1st Place $50,000
2nd Place $30,000
3rd Place $20,000