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Gabriela Migala CrossFit Athlete

Gabi Migala is a polish professional CrossFit Athlete who joined The Progrm in 2020.

Age: 21
Nationality: Polish
Where are you living: Mallorca
Height: 170cm
Weight: 75kg
Profession: Full time athlete
CrossFit Affiliate: CrossFit C23
Instagram: @gabimiga

Gabi used to play tennis to quite a high level but was never professional, however competed nationally in Poland. Her Dad was the one who got her into it after she couldn’t decide which sport she liked. She confesses never enjoyed team sports that much. Gabi has 2 siblings who are a lot younger (11 and 4 years old). She told us that all of her family have been training CrossFit, including her Mum and Dad. She first tried CrossFit end of 2015, went to a gym (CrossFit 72D) with a friend from Tennis.


Max Clean and Jerk: 108kg
Max Snatch: 91kg
Max unbroken RMU: 10

gabi miga teen crossfit


3rd 2016 Games, Teen Division
Since 2017 National Champion of Poland
2018 Regionals 6th
2019 Games 77th place.
2020 Won Norwegian Throwdown


Hardest workout you have ever done?

2016 Games (Teen division) the Berm run.

Choose/Design 1 workout to beat anyone in the World

Machine Triple 3 from Regionals 2018

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Who do you wish was watching you perform at every competition?


Favourite sports hero?

Serena Williams

How does being an athlete make you a better person?

I have built confidence and I am therefore less shy than I once was.

Favourite song or playlist:

Joe and The Juice official playlist on Spotify.

Best moment in your CrossFit career:

Standing on the podium at the 2016 Games + running to the finish line on Regionals Triple III as it was my first event of my first Regionals and first victory.

How do you celebrate after a competition?

Usually I am pretty tired, so we have a nice dinner and then bed early.

Tips for someone who wants to become a professional CrossFit Athlete:

It is important that you enjoy the journey.

What do you tell yourself on days when you feel unmotivated/tired?

Luckily I am usually motivated to train naturally. I try to realise the importance of finishing the session even though I may not PR and it is better to push rather back off. I actually feel training on these days where you feel tired are the most important, as it mimics when you are at a competition. I also get motivated knowing that other athletes would do the session when tired, so using that helps me.

What goes through your head before entering the competition floor?

It depends on the event, if the event is hard for me I then get more nervous as I feel more uncertain.

What are your goals in the close future (6 months – 1 year)?

I am just looking to improve and become the best I can be. Really in the next year I would like to go back to the CrossFit Games and show people I can do better than 77th place.

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