moritz fiebig

Moritz Fiebig

Mortiz Fiebig is a CrossFit athlete that joined The Progrm in April 2022.

Age: 27
Nationality: German
Where are you living: Hamburg
Height: 179cm
Weight: 95kg
Profession: Owner of Sankt Pauli Athletik

mortiz fiebig interview

Tell us a bit about your family:
2 older siblings (brother and sister), grew up with my mom and my brother in a small town close to cologne. Mother was working hard, so she was my role model.

Previous sports:
I started with soccer, then Basketball (every sports I knew, cause I wanted to lose weight) ended with MMA, then natural bodybuilding, then I had a competition on stage and found out that this isn’t the real thing for me and entered CrossFit to have a real competition based on facts.

First time doing CrossFit:
In my bodybuilding off-season with 105 kg bodyweight I did my first CrossFit class at Sankt Pauli Athletik (back then it was CrossFit sankt pauli) in 2016 with a lot of Wallballshots, Rowing and Deadlifts. I was completely exhausted!

Then I went back to stage and decided to stop bodybuilding and started coaching at CrossFit Sankt Pauli.

Then I did my first open – 17.1 with DB Snatches and burpee Box jump over. The head-coach said: „man your heavy but you got an impressively good engine“.

How long have you been a Progrm Athlete:
I’m new with the Progrm – since April 2022

Max Clean and Jerk: 160
Max Snatch: 130
Max unbroken RMU: 27 (2020)
Quickest 5km Run or Row: run 21‘

crossfit athlete moritz fiebig

Hardest workout you have ever done:
Dubai CrossFit Championships – the one with A-Jumps and D Ball to shoulder

Choose/Design 1 workout to beat anyone in the World:
Something with bike, BMU and OHS, a sprint, but I can do everything a little bit, nothing specially perfect

If you could bring an item to a desert island, what would it be?
A Kukri 😄

Who do you wish was watching you perform at every game or match?
My grandfather – great man, died 3 years ago

Who is your favorite sports hero?
Connor McGregor

How does being an athlete make you a better person?
Sport changed my world. I go in different situations further now, because I know what my body is capable. I take more risks, cause being an athlete helps to believe in myself. And Sport is my Ventil.

Best song or playlist:
Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard – Hold Strong

Top Movie:
The fighters (watched it 20 times when I was younger caused I loved the fact how Sport changed his life)

Best moment in your CrossFit career:
Lowlands Throwdown Last Event Win

Tips for someone who wants to become a professional CrossFit Athlete:
Work harder. And only do it if you love the process!

What do you tell yourself on days when you feel unmotivated/tired?

I don’t let these feelings control my mind and don’t get caught up, so I stay focused.

What goes through your head before entering the competition floor?
You are the fire 🔥.

What do you think is the biggest lesson you’ve learned through CrossFit?

Control the controllable.

fiebig moritz

What are your goals in the close future (6 months/1 year/3years) and distant future (5/10/20 years)?

Close future – get better in long conditioning
Distant future – fittest man in Europe

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