Allowing YOU to take control of YOUR journey

The Athlete Academy

Improve your CrossFit movements with our specialty courses

  1. Choose the exercise or skill that you want to improve.
  2. Follow our 6-8 week plan.
  3. Get results that will help you to become a well-rounded CrossFit athlete.
  4. Each course is designed to fit into your normal training routine.

Not only this, everyone who joins THE ATHLETE ACADEMY also gets THE PROGRM 60 for FREE, our best-selling 1-hour training plan. Enter our community, share your scores, get help from our coaches to make your journey quicker without spending all day in the gym.

The cost to buy these packages separately would be over €2500!

SAVE 2500€ / YEAR

  • Access EVERY Progrm course
  • Get FULL access to The Progrm 60
  • Save thousands of Euros
  • Automatically get access to new courses
  • Cancel any time

This is YOUR journey

We know every athlete is a unique individual with their specific strengths and weaknesses. And when you have BIG GOALS a one-size-fits all program is just NOT going to make the cut. You need something that works on YOUR weaknesses and supports YOUR goals. 

That’s the Athlete Academy! Imagine a programming archive that allows you to customize your sessions so you can focus on what matters most to you. 

Toes-to-bar need work before the Open? Select the TTB course and easily incorporate it 3 times a week into your usual training.

Want to focus on aerobic capacity during the off season? Choose the specific course and get after it before or after your workout!

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The hard truth of becoming a great CrossFit athlete.

In a sport as varied as CrossFit, it’s hard to move past “intermediate”.
These are some of the typical obstacles that get in the way of being a more advanced athlete and how you can fix them:

The Academy offers courses in all domains from gymnastics to strength so you can tackle your weaknesses head first.

You don’t have to give up classes or your current programming to see progress. Our courses are meant to get you the progress you want while supplementing your usual training.

We’re not just telling you our programs are effective. Instead we make sure we always look at what science shows is effective first and then create specific courses based off of it. Results guaranteed by science 😉

“I too would like to thank The Progrm for being very supportive!! I can not believe how much stronger I have become in such a short period of time. So excited to continue this journey.”

Lyle Tracy Grube

“I decided to sign up for this program after 2.5 years of class training. Very happy to start with this journey. The first week looks awesome and I can’t wait to see the results.”

Johannes Visser

So what’s so special about The Athlete Academy?

  • Specific objective-based training programs to supplement your training and cater specifically to YOUR needs
  • Our courses are designed to supplement your training so that you can give a boost to the abilities that need more work without hurting your regular training.
  • We offer 6 to 12 week programs that are dedicated to improving specific skill sets like achieving your first ring muscle up or improving your conditioning.
  • You will follow a mini training plan with 2 or 3 sessions per week that will help you to achieve the final goal of your selected ACADEMY course.
  • You don’t have to stop going to classes or leave your training plan. Simply complete your ACADEMY session before or after your regular training!
  • Our online community of helpful and encouraging athletes! Share your progress and experience with like-minded athletes in our private online community.